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Opportunity #1 - 3-wheelers you can buy today!

Based in Montréal, Canada, Campagna Motors is turning out one of the most exciting 3-wheeled machines on the road today. The T-Rex is pure adrenaline based on a BMW motorcycle while the V13R is Harley Davidson-based. Both are phenomenal machines for the well-heeled, running at over CDN$50k. Click the logo to the left for the company’s website or one of the machines below for details on that model. But be prepared for a rise in your heart rate …

Grinnall Specialist Cars is based in Worcestershire, UK and produces a variety of trike and reverse-trike models. Offered in the US as a kit, there is a growing number of Scorpion III owners and enthusiasts here.

The ALIAS electric car is now under development as part of a new venture between ZAP and Jonway Auto of China.  Designed with decades of electric and automotive experience, the ALIAS serves a growing niche of automotive enthusiasts who want an affordable electric alternative for getting to work or doing their average daily driving with something that looks like nothing else on this earth.

With a nod and a wink to the legendary Morgan three-wheelers of the 1930's, designer & motoring enthusiast Pete Larsen created the ACE Cycle-Car to evoke the romance and panache of a bygone era.

American-made in Louisiana, this 3-wheeler is slated to receive a 5-star safety rating, achieve over 80 mpg, care for two travelers with multiple airbags, tunes and air conditioning and carry a price tag of just under $8,000.

The Snyder ST600-C is imported from China by Wildfire Motors out of Ohio. The little 600cc engine carries 4 passengers on 3-wheels at 50 mph and up to 60 mpg.

Read an entertaining article about this vehicle HERE.

Aptera Motors grabbed lots of headlines as it developed EV and Hybrid 3-wheelers. An X-prize competitor, Aptera eventually filed for bankruptcy protection due to lack of financing. Look for it to reappear under a different name.

Know of other street-legal 3-wheelers of the reverse-trike style that are available in the market today? Share them with us through our connect page.

Here are some promising 3-wheelers that we’re keeping a close eye on.

The Torq EV Roadster is a very high-performance all-electric roadster out of San Marcos, CA.

With a price tag north of $60k, this machine isn’t for everyone but it sure is breath-taking.

I have to admit, however, that it would be really tough to have a vehicle this awesome and only be able to drive it less than 100 miles on a charge.

Legendary car maker, Morgan Motors, has brought back their classic 3-wheel design that will put you behind the wheel of this iconic machine.

Check ‘em out! Jay Leno did … and bought one!

The Kandi Viper is a 3-wheel design very much in the style of the T-Rex from Campagna. This one, however, is an inexpensive Chinese-made street-legal vehicle based on a 250cc scooter engine. While there have been many early and apparently well-deserved criticisms of quality and reliability, I remember thinking exactly the same thing when Korean cars first hit American streets. This may, or may not, be one to keep an eye on.

This head-turner out of Portugal, the Veeco RT Series-1 is an electric reverse-trike two-seater with a range of 400km (about 250 miles). While this appears to be a one-off development project at this time, keep an eye on this one!

I know … I know. It’s not a reverse trike. But it does have a steering wheel and it moves … really moves! Don’t miss the color-matched trailer!

This CNG-powered 3-wheeler out of Bend, OR, isn’t a reverse-trike but it may be one to watch.

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