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Trihawks were featured in two moves from the late 1980s that I know of:

Condor, a flick from 1896, was directed by Virgil Vogel and starred Ray Wise and Wendy Kilbourne. A campy period-piece, I’ll be honest the only reason I watched it and (gulp) finished it was to see the Trihawk scenes. Beyond that there are few, if any, highlights. The chase scenes complete with laser blasts were fun to watch. And at the end when the Trihawk … ah, I almost ruined the ending, there, didn’t I?

Click HERE for Trihawk stills from Condor.

Trihawks also starred in “Cherry 2000,” a cult flick starring a very young Melanie Griffith set in 2017 (doesn’t seem so far off now, does it?) filmed in 1987. With an award-winning score, this film is of slightly higher caliber than Condor but shows less of the Trihawk.

Click HERE for Trihawk stills from Cherry 2000.

Trihawks In Condor - 1986 Trihawk In Cherry 2000 - 1987
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