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Opportunity #2 - Residual Income

I didn’t even know how to spell “Residual Income”

as an employee but I sure did understand one thing:

If I worked, I got paid.

If I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid.

I understood linear income. That changed for me when I learned about a way to make residual income a part of my life with a simple and powerful business opportunity and it’s my privilege to share that with you here.

Here’s the thing: The next few years will see this company and this income opportunity literally explode into the billions of dollars annually. And that spells huge opportunity for you and me.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the difference between linear income (or “regular” income) and residual income:

So, how do we create residual income?

Look, in relative terms, getting and keeping a job is far easier than creating the opportunity and building the company yourself. And that job produces nearly immediate income.

That goes a long way toward explaining why 95% of the people are employees and share in about 5% of the wealth. They choose the illusion of security and stability over the apparent risk of a substantially larger long-term pay-off. Most of us are trained from birth to expect and accept that trade-off.

But it also explains why the 5% who create the opportunities and the jobs share in 95% of the wealth. They’ve chosen the path to wealth because they understand the shackles of employment.

So, the question that always plagued me was, short of becoming a world-famous author, actor or recording artist … none of which happens without at a decade or more of blood, sweat and tears … how can the average person with average skills and an average education create a residual income?

For a very long time, the only reliable way that I could see to do that was to become a real estate investor or an insurance salesman. Being an investor requires the development of some serious skills or serious capital or both. The challenge with insurance is that in many cases it’s a luxury item that gets dropped when times get tough and in virtually all cases the competition is stiff.

With no immediate answer staring me in the face, I made the choice to move from employee to self-employed.

That appeared to be a great choice initially. I got paid far more and the work I did was mine. My wife and I were working toward our own dreams, not someone else’s.

The problem with being self-employed is that everything is on you: all of the decisions, all of the responsibility, everything. That can be good and bad and for me it was a big step up from being employed. But it wasn’t enough of a change because the same rules still applied: if I worked, I got paid; if I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid.

In truth, I didn’t have a system that went to work for me … I went to work for me. It was like buying my own job and being the boss, the book keeper, the marketing department, the sales department, customer service, the contact analyst, the sub-contractor manager and the sanitation engineer all under one hat.

I’ll admit: I loved it. Up to a point.

Then I learned about “beach money.”

Beach money is all about residual income. The basic concept is that you get paid whether you’re working hard or sitting on the beach.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’re getting paid.

You could be skiing the alps … you get paid.

You could be at a business conference … you get paid.

You could be asleep … you get paid.

You could be recuperating from surgery or undergoing chemo treatments … you get paid.

You get paid no matter what you’re doing not because you’re working hard right now but because you put something powerful in motion yesterday.

That’s beach money!

So, what’s so great about residual income?

From an employee’s perspective, the best thing about residual income is that it breaks the old equation where …

Money = Time

When you have residual income in your life, the money you make is no longer directly tied to the time you spend to earn the money. What that means is that your earning potential becomes effectively unlimited … or at least it is no longer limited by your time.

In that sense, residual income is time freedom!

A little residual income at first may be just what you need to relieve some stress. If you’re struggling to make the mortgage or rent payment, if you’ve just lost a job or fear that you might, if you have some medical debt or perhaps a family member needs help, a couple hundred dollars each month may be a huge gift.

And a couple of thousand dollars a month can be life-changing.

And that’s what this is all about. It’s about changing lives.

Whether you’re looking for a couple hundred a month, a few thousand a month or even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, residual income generated in this way can make it all possible. There is no limit on what you can make.

Okay, great. So how do we generate “Beach Money?”

The first key is to understand that all successful businesses require a system.

You either have a system that works for you or

… you work for a system.

Residual income of virtually every kind requires a system in place. Think about an actor who plays a role in a movie. Minor actors may be paid a wage for their work in a movie but major actors usually earn a piece of the total profits. Whenever a movie is shown, sold or rented, the actor gets paid. Those are royalties … or residual income.

There’s an entire system … in fact several systems … in place to make that happen. From casting to post-production, from distribution to the theatres, from sales and rental outlets to on-demand streaming and download services, there are many systems involved in bringing that work to the consumer. And when the system functions, the actor gets paid.

Over and over and over again.

An author achieves the same when his or her book sells copies.

A musician does the same when his or her work sells CDs or digital downloads.

But how does the average person, someone without salable talents or expertise, create residual income in our lives if we don’t have deep pockets to invest in real estate or lack the interest to compete in the insurance industry?

Well, let’s look at a few examples of what’s possible today in terms of residual income and then I’ll share with you something even better:

The fusion of residual and leveraged income.

I’ll show you the simplest and most powerful residual and leveraged income engine I’ve ever seen.

Residual Income Examples

Selling Your Expertise: If you haven’t figured out that information is power and that selling information is powerful, then you’ve had a comfortable spot under a rock for the last four decades at least.

If you’re an expert at something, almost anything, really, there is someone and probably thousands of someones out there who will pay you for your expertise.

And, if you’re good at writing, creating videos or workbooks or tools to help teach others to do what you do, then you could build a stream of residual income selling that information online. You don’t need a fancy publisher and you don’t need to deliver physical products. Today virtually everything in the information field can be delivered digitally.

But here’s the downside: you’re pretty much on your own. You’ve got to create the content, create the sales venue, do the marketing, handle the sales and you’ve got to be good if not great to stand out in your market. You can, of course, outsource much of this work and many do. But that can require thousands in up-front capital to get everything in place.

So, while it may be a great option for some, it’s certainly not right for the majority of us.

Selling Your Art: Selling your work or your art is another way to go if you’re really good at creating something that can be sold over and over again. We’ve covered the angle of musician and author but another example is a photographer who can sell his or her work as stock art of fine art, whether printed and delivered or digital and download.

Photostock and microstock online galleries are everywhere today and competition is as fierce as the pay-outs are small. Unless you’re good. Really good. World-class good.

Okay, so I’m not an author, I don’t have an info product and I’m not a photographer. What’s left?

There is one opportunity that doesn’t depend on your acting skills, writing skills, singing talents, speed, agility, jump shot or fastball.  

It’s in an industry that Robert Kiyosaki calls “The Business for the 21st Century.” That sounds pretty cool, right? After all, Kiyosaki is the #1 best-selling business author of all time so when he talks about the best business for the 21st century, that’s definitely cool.

It also happens to be related to what Warren Buffet, the “Oracle of Omaha,” calls “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”

We’re talking about the marriage of network marketing and the deregulation of energy.

Network marketing is the one business that allows virtually anyone to be in business for themselves with minimal investment, receive all the training and support they need, and create a residual income.

The energy field, electricity and natural gas, are services that everyone not only uses but truly can’t live without.

So, the opportunity that I’ve found allows us to …

Build an unlimited stream of residual income helping people save money on a bill they already have to pay every month for a service that none of us can live without.

I’ll be honest with you: I can’t imagine a simpler or more powerful business opportunity.

It’s a service, not a product, so there’s no product education to do. Everyone we know already intuitively understands energy.

There is nothing to buy, nothing to inventory, nothing to deliver and we never invoice or chase payments.

There are no employees to deal with and none of the traditional business headaches.

The are absolutely no demographics at work here, either. In the markets that we serve, virtually everyone is a potential customer: residential and small commercial.

So, here’s the bottom line:

The business that I’ve found allows us to generate an unlimited stream of residual income by leveraging the effort of others. We simply gather a handful of loyal customers and show others how to do the same thing. We show people how to save money on one of life’s necessities every month and we show people how to make money.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

So, here’s what you need to do right now:

You need to call me or contact me. I want to know about you and I’ll share my story with you. I don’t work with everyone but if you’ve read this far there’s a very good chance that I want to work with you.

If you’re a self-motivated person who wants more for yourself and your family, if you’re honest and hard-working and coachable, then you can be very successful at this part-time business.

So, the ball is in your court.

It’s your move.

Contact me to learn more or let this opportunity pass you by.

Here’s my promise to you:

There will be absolutely no pressure to do anything. I have nothing to sell you, just first-class information to share with you. This may or may not be right for you and your family but you won’t know until you get all of the details.

And you will never pay me a dime for all of the work that I’m going to do on your behalf.

I won’t promise you that you and I are going to work together but if you don’t connect with me I can promise you that we won’t.

I look forward to sharing more with you!


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Linear Income

Immediate income

Income is directly tied to your work/time

Paid solely for time and/or performance

Income only grows linearly with increased time and/or performance (sales)

Income capped by time available

Income stops if you die or become disabled

Employee is financially dependent on the job

Not enough time to enjoy the income

Financial retirement may or may not ever come

Linear income is earned by employees and the self-employed

Residual Income

Delayed income

Income is not tied directly to your work/time

Paid repeatedly for work that is done once

Income grows exponentially due to leverage

No cap or ceiling on income potential

Income continues to grow with or without your effort or presence

True financial freedom is attainable

Time freedom is a byproduct

Financial retirement can be achieved much sooner with time-compressed earnings

Residual income is earned by business owners and investors


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