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Some of the best things in life are the connections we make with other people. Whether you’re one of the lucky Trihawk owners out there or an owner of another unique vehicle … whether you’re someone who needs a new opportunity in life or are someone dedicated to helping others, I would love to hear from you.

Hello friend, my name is Todd Pegelow and I’m the owner of this particular Yellow Trihawk. I want to personally thank you for taking some time to check out this website and perhaps the fantastic opportunities I’m privileged to share here.


I’m a native of Fairport, New York - a suburb of Rochester - and an engineering graduate from RIT. My wife and I spent sixteen years in California’s Silicon Valley before returning to New York, starting our family and discovering the beauty of the Hudson Valley.

My professional career has been split between being an employee and being self-employed. In both cases I was paid very well for the work that I did. And in both cases, the work I did made more money for others than it did for me.

And in neither case was I in control of my income. If I worked, I got paid. If I didn’t work, guess what … I didn’t get paid. Perhaps that description sounds familiar to you. That’s what being an employee or a very small business owner is all about.  

When I was working at a J.O.B. (“just over broke”), I discovered that I was a pretty darn good employee. I always received solid performance reviews and always earned nice raises. And my lifestyle (read that as outflow of cash) always seemed to keep up with my income.

Along the way, I worked with great groups of people who served to make our shareholders and company founders fabulously wealthy. And while I was well paid, financial freedom isn’t available to employees.

It was no different being self-employed. In fact, in some ways, it was even tougher. My wife and I did some top notch land development work in the Hudson Valley but when the economy tanked and the real estate market turned against us, we once again realized we were not in control.

I’m not complaining … that’s the way the system works. If you want life-changing income, you have to leave employment behind and you have to be a business owner or an investor. There are really no other proven paths to financial freedom.

Opportunity Knocks …

Everything changed for me and my family when I found a couple of opportunities to leverage time and energy through a very simple business model. Today, financial freedom is in our sights!

And now, I have the privilege of sharing these opportunities with other great people who want to change their financial future for the better.

If you’re in search of financial freedom, if you’re tired of the rat race, if you’re ready to fire your boss (even if you are the boss), then you need to check these things out carefully and closely.

Financial freedom has never been so close.

Immediate Income

There are three phases to financial freedom and it starts with immediate income. Whether it’s to begin to replace the income you have at your job or the income you’ve lost, immediate income fills the gaps, reduces stress, opens doors and starts you on the path to financial freedom. For those that have enough income today, this step may not be as critical … but when you see how simple this thing is you won’t want to pass it up.

Check it out here: Immediate Income

Residual Income = Forever Income

The first opportunity that grabbed my attention completely is a way to help people save money on a service that everyone we know already uses … and get paid very well for doing so.

It builds a phenomenal stream of residual income from one of life’s necessities, not some luxury item attractive to a small demographic. No, with this opportunity, virtually everyone is our potential customer. All we do is to show them how to buy something they’re already buying every month … for less money.

It’s truly outstanding!

It’s a win-win-win situation because we make money helping people save money … and we make money helping other people make money … and we do it with one of life’s absolute necessities.

Trust me, you’re gonna want to know about this one!

Check it out here: Build Forever Income!

Meet my Income Robot

Okay, look, I know this sounds like sci-fi or some sleazy late-night infomercial so let’s get that out of the way right here.

I know how it sounds and I wouldn’t have believed it myself except that I own one and it works all day generating cash for me and my family.

Plain and simple.

All I do is to make sure it’s “awake” and operational in the morning and I see how much money it’s made me at the end of every day.


Here’s the deal: If I had a piece of software that  …

… would you be interested in taking a look?

Yeah, I thought so.

Check it out here: Meet my Income Robot

You know what?

It’s not for everyone.

Look … I’ll be honest, the Yellow Trihawk isn’t for everyone, three-wheel vehicles aren’t for everyone and neither are these opportunities.

But if you’re the type of person I think you are (having read this far) then perhaps you’re ready for the things that I have to share with you. And here’s what I know, too: There are people out there praying that you’ll bring them one of these opportunities … we just don’t know who they are yet.  

I will also tell you up front that I can’t work with everyone. The people I work with are decisive, competitive, driven, hard-working and coachable.

The people I work with have a burning desire to accomplish something significant in their lives and they want to bring value to the people they care about. These are the people that I want to work with. Life’s too short for anything else.

Does that describe you?

I’m willing to bet that it does and that means that we need to have a serious discussion. You need to take a close look at the income opportunities I have to share with you here and reach out to me for more details and to get your questions answered.

Look, these income strategies are here and making money for lots and lots of people. They’ll continue to do that with or without you. But if you’re like me, you’ll seize this thing by the horns and hold on for the ride of your life.

I know where we’re going and it’s gonna be a great trip. I hope you’ll join me.

I look forward to speaking with you!


    Todd (at) YellowTrihawk (dot) com

Robotic Income Residual Income Opportunity is missed by most people  because it comes dressed in  overalls and looks like work. ~ Thomas Edison Enlarge the  opportunity and  the person will  expand to fill it. ~ Eli Ginzberg

Todd Pegelow

Owner of the Yellow Trihawk

Husband, father, brother, son, entrepreneur and Income Coach

Your big opportunity  may be right  where you are now. ~ Napolean Hill Connections