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The Yellow Trihawk

was hand-crafted in Dana Point, CA in 1985 by Hawk Vehicles, Inc. It is a 3-wheeled vehicle that is registered as a motorcycle, insured like a sedan, driven like the sportiest sports car and an absolutely joy to own and share with others.

I drove this “car” as my daily commuter in the South San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley) from 1987 until 1999. I used the Trihawk as my business vehicle visiting customers across the Bay Area until the late 1990s.

When I left the Bay Area in 2000, the Trihawk made it’s way to the Hudson Valley. It is, as far as I am aware, the only Trihawk in the Northeast today. (If that’s not the case, I would love to hear from other Trihawk owners!)


I first saw the Trihawk in some magazine in the mid 1980s while I was a student at RIT. I don’t even remember which magazine it was but those photos captured my attention and, from that first look, the seed was planted and the initial desire began to grow.

As I worked through my college years, graduated, and started my engineering career,  I forgot about the Trihawk. I had no idea it would make it’s way into my life at some point in the future.

My first job out of college was in Silicon Valley. I started there in 1983 and it was just a year or two later when I began to see Trihawks on the road.

I soon discovered that there was a dealer in San Jose but I was heart-broken to learn that the company had stopped producing Trihawks in 1985.

As luck would have it, a year or so later a “used” Trihawk became available for sale.

I couldn’t get to Curtis Circus in San Jose fast enough … pen ready, checkbook open. The vehicle that await me was the most brilliant shade of yellow I had ever seen. Everything about it was in pristine condition.

I was told that the owners were in the process of getting a divorce and that they were selling some of their assets. While I felt terrible about the circumstances, I chose to do the noble thing and help them through their situation by taking that nearly new Trihawk off their hands!

Yes, I sacrificed much to help them out! <grin>

My experience with the Trihawk in those early days taught me that the key is to recognize and seize opportunity when it’s in front of you because hesitation allows many great things in life to slip through your fingers.

Had I not seized that opportunity, I would have lost years of enjoyment and wouldn’t have been able to share the experience with so many wonderful people … including my own son and daughter today.

Colon Powell once said that more battles were lost not to bad decisions but to indecision. When you see an opportunity (and opportunities are all around you … heck, you might find one right here), recognize it for what it is, evaluate whether or not it will help you achieve your goals and, if so, seize it!

The Yellow Trihawk hasn’t seen much action in recent years until this past summer. It sat, neatly taken care of, in my garage for the better part of a decade. It just needed a little bit of work to tune it up … that was all … but my focus has been on my family and on building a business.

This past summer, my wife and kids urged me to get it running again and to have some fun with it. So I found a great local mechanic, ordered a carb tune-up kit from a really nice guy in Germany, and a short time later was on the road.

I wish I had taken a picture of my son’s face when I picked him up from school that first day with the Trihawk. He positively beamed! He’s someone who likes the limelight anyway so waving from the passenger seat of this thing is right up his alley!

My daughter, on the other hand, was not exactly warm to the idea of riding in the ‘hawk though she loved to look at it. For some reason, she was apprehensive. But after one ride with her mom, she came back laughing and begging me for another ride.

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Not knowing when the dawn  will come, I open every door. ~ Emily Dickinson About The Yellow Trihawk