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This website is about the Yellow Trihawk, my yellow Trihawk. I’ll share with you it’s story; our story. And I’ll tell you where we’ve been and where we are going.

But this site is also about …


… opportunity seized and opportunity lost.

Many opportunities cross our paths; some minor, some major. Here you will also find some of the finest and most powerful income opportunities I have ever seen.

Perhaps you will find them as compelling as I have and if they bring value to your life then I have done my job.

Spend a few minutes here and learn about a very special vehicle that has been a part of my life for the better part of 25 years. And while you’re here, learn about a couple of powerful income opportunities that have completely changed my life.


Webster’s Dictionary defines “opportunity” as ..

“A favorable juncture of circumstances”


“A good chance for advancement or progress”

Finding the Yellow Trihawk when I did was certainly a “favorable juncture of circumstances and that made it a great opportunity!

That choice, to make the Trihawk a part of my life, was one step in a journey that would bring me to others, connected with the Trihawk in one way or another. The people I would meet, the places I would go … all set in motion by that single choice.

And now the Yellow Trihawk has brought you to an amazing opportunity! No matter how you found this page, whether you saw the Yellow Trihawk in person, saw it in a posted photograph or were sent here by a friend, several amazing opportunities are right in front of you.

All you need to do is to recognize them, get educated, ask questions and then make a decision as to whether they might be right for you and your family.

So, what are the opportunities?

Let me say first that I offer several different opportunities because each has their own personality and each will be a great fit for the right person. But I love multiple streams of income and each of them has played a role in creating that in my life.

It’s extremely likely that you’ve not heard about any of these. They are, to say the least, cutting-edge. They are ground-floor opportunities. They have outstanding management teams, outstanding services, and compensation plans unlike anything you may have seen before.

They are not jobs and they need not require a great deal of time. They do require an open mind, a passion, a desire and a willingness to do a little bit of work each week. Over time, these things can create financial freedom for you, your family and for those you care about.

Check out our Opportunity Page for full details!

“I was looking for something that would pay me every month for work that I did just one time.

I found it!”

“I didn’t want to sell anything. I didn’t what to have to buy inventory, make deliveries or chase payments.

I found it!”

“I wanted something that would run on auto-pilot, generating income while I worked, played or slept.

I found it!”

“I wanted something that I could do from just about anywhere so I could work where and when I wanted.

I found it!”

“I wanted something that would build a solid college & retirement fund, something I could leave to my kids and my grandkids. Something that would keep growing even after I’m gone.

I found it!”

“I wanted something that would appeal to everyone … not just a few. I wanted something that could help, really help people.

I found it!”

I found it!

Take a peek under the hood …

and see if one of our opportunities might be just what you’re looking for!

“Many an opportunity is lost  because a man is out looking  for four-leaf clovers.”           ~anonymous